Monday, September 5, 2011

Taking Photographs in the Backyard with Children and Tweens

Sometimes its just easier to shoot photographs of children and tweens in a space that is familiar to them. Most of the time you will get better results and less fuss.

My previous post about Taking Photographs in the Backyard focused on two adult models, Heather and Angela, and how to utilize things in your backyard to create backsplashes and unconventional props. This post will focus on Mackenzie and benefits of eclectic treasures that can be found in anyone's backyard, but more specifically in a country home's backyard.

Mackenzie's photo shoot wasn't as impromptu as Heather and Angela's. We had planned to utilize the space in her backyard and the yard of her wonderful next door neighbor.

Sometimes porch photographs can seem too boring or only for those old family photographs. Fortunately, the neighbor's porch had a fabulous wooden bench that was perfect for a few shots.

This vintage piece gave Mackenzie a place to lay down and do a fun shot, while still keeping it portrait-like.

Moving around to an old shed in the yard, Mackenzie was finally able to put on her pink Fedora. She'd been excited about wearing it for photos. I loved her outfit because it seemed so edgy with the vibrant colors and the pink hat really set it off. Plus, she accessorized with really down-to-earth bracelets and she wore shorts with Chuck Taylors on her feet. The shed with the netting backdrop was perfect to give the photograph an edgy look without taking away from Mackenzie's awesome look.

Don't be afraid to have your subject stand in front of a trash heap, if you think it'll be a cool feature for the photograph. This shed was shabby but was perfect!

There was also a rundown fence that provided a similar backdrop.

If you don't have any buildings or other wooden structures in your backyard, then don't shun the flowers and other greenery. Again these photos may seem boring, but if done creatively you can really get some beautiful photographs.

Nothing in your backyard is off limits. I cannot stress this enough to other photographers. I grabbed some unedited shots of Mackenzie with an old door propped up by the basement door in her backyard. You never know what you'll find, so be sure to take a look at everything.

Going back to the comforts of the subject being in their own backyard. We began Mackenzie's photo shoot in her backyard, which was a great icebreaker. She warmed up to me taking her photos and experimenting with poses that she felt comfortable doing. Plus, she didn't have to worry about anyone seeing her poses for photos like she would have if we started in a public place. Taking photos at home also eliminates any fear that other people will be watching in a strange place.

Mackenzie did great and we got some great shots in her backyard. You can get some awesome shots in yours too if you just take the time to experiment!

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