Monday, September 19, 2011

Free Photo Book from

I was able to get a my photo book from this service when they first started, but I was limited to only one free photo book per month and received free shipping for the photo book.

Now, HotPrints is offering customers 4 FREE PHOTO BOOKS per month!

Just pay shipping and handling of $2.99 per book

HotPrints can offer these photo books for free because they have a 4-page spread in the middle of the book for advertising. My photo book also had these ads but did not hurt the photo book at all.

I was really excited when I got my photo book in the mail. My book was full of engagement photos from the day my fiancé proposed. It was the perfect way to keep all of our photos together from this important moment in our lives. The quality was great, and I would definitely place another order with HotPrints.

- 20 themes to choose from
- 16-page book
- 8" wide x 10" height
- Upload high quality images or pull photos from your Facebook account
- Customize photo tags, borders, and layouts

You can send the books to your address or have them sent to friends and family!

Get your photo book today!

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