Monday, September 19, 2011

Free Fall Items at Vistaprint

just pay shipping and handling

Shipping starts at approximately $4, but at Vistaprint the more items you purchase the cheaper your shipping will be per item.

Here are the available items:
- 1 Wall Calendar
- 10 Invitations
- Free Tote Bag
- 1 Free T-Shirt
- Free Photo Flip Book

I added a standard tote bag to my cart, then created a new tote through this clicking the link provided in this post. I was able to get two tote bags in my cart for free plus shipping.

Keep in mind that any of the FREE items that you create will have an additional fee for any uploaded photos that you place on these items (unless the item comes standard with uploaded imagery). When I created a photo tote bag, it only costed me an additional $3.74. I would definitely order one of these totes for a little less than $8 including shipping.

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