Saturday, September 17, 2011

Free Photo Editing Software

Taking snapshots on your own is great and even better when you can get the perfect photo without doing anything fancy with your camera. The perfect photo without even trying seems like it's the best you can do, right? Wrong. Even the best photo can use some brief editing to get it looking like a high quality photo.

There is plenty of photo editing programs on the market that with the right knowledge can do anything to your photographs. To the average person interested in taking photographs, the $500 version of any highend editing software is not ideal.

Luckily, there is a free photo editing software that is comparable with other lower priced matches. GIMP is a free download graphics editors that works wonders for photographs. I first downloaded GIMP to my netbook for quick editing when I am not able to sit down and spend time at my stationary laptop for in depth editing. Instantly, I was impressed with the ability to make more adjustments than the standard photo editor that comes on many laptops today. You are able to use painting features that are far more advanced than Windows Paint with a variety of brushes, patterns, and pallettes. Also, the advanced manipulation options include editing layers, transformation tools, and editable text layers. The options do not stop at what I have mentioned here this software offers amazing tools for Google to offer GIMP for free.

All of the photographs from my first photo shoot were edited with this software. Keep in mind that I was completely new at photo editing, but GIMP had wonderful tutorials to help me get my photographs looking great.

ORIGINAL                                                                EDITED

Here is a photo of Angela from my first photo shoot. The photo on the left is the original and the photo on the right is the edited copy. At first glance, the original looks like a good photograph. I was pleased with how it turned on with no editing; however, I used GIMP to polish the photo a little. For the edited photograph, I bumped up the contrast to deep some of the colors in the photo. Angela's hair deepened to its original chocolate color that was faded by the sun in the original color. Also, the greenery around her and the fence darkened to complement the darkening of the her features.

The final product look much more professional with a little touching up.

I highly recommend this free downloadable software for anyone that's looking to get into photography or editing any personal photos. This is the closest you'll get to professional quality without paying a lot of money for the well-known photo editors that are out there.

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