Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Veteran's Park - Kannapolis, NC

If you're wanting the opportunity to use two photo venues in one shoot, using Cannon Village and Veteran's Park in Kannapolis, NC is the way to go. You can get the small town vibe from Cannon Village and use the park to get your nature background for photos.

I had never spent any time in Veteran's Park before this shoot. As a child, I would see it all the time as a kid riding through downtown Kannapolis. To me, it was always the trees with the sun dial and stage near Circle Lake by Cannon Mills. Now, this place is a lovely park with ample opportunities to grab some great shots adjacent from Cannon Village and the N.C. Research Campus. Recently, I used this location to shoot three brothers as a Mother's Day gift to their mom. I'm going to include some unedited photos to show some of the area, so beware.

Josh sitting on center bench/slash tribute monument

Another view of the bench, and no I did not make them pose that way they were clowning around

Also, there are plenty of opportunities to use the trees in creative ways and any of the other surrounding shrubbery.

Josh wantet to use the 'V' tree in his photos

The token tree shot

Also, literally right beside the park there is a church that that I highly recommend you utilize for your photographs. You can get so creative at this location.

Dustin knelt beside the flower garden at the church

Shane by the old bell sitting beside the church

The boys in front of the church on the stairs

Veteran's Park is an open playing field for a photo shoot. Use anything and everything that is nearby. I hope to soon be able to go back to this park and then move into the N.C. Research Campus for some additional shots that I'll post with an update on the new venue.

You never know when you can turn a park bench into a mother's favorite photograph:

According to the City of Kannapolis' website Veteran's Park will be undergoing some reconstruction sometime in the future, and the site provides some photos of what this reconstruction may look like. So, enjoy the park as it is now because you never know when it may be given a new look. Well at least with a new look you can go back and shoot there and it's a like a fresh new venue.

Veteran's Park
North Main & East First Street
Kannapolis, NC

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