Friday, November 11, 2011

Organ Lutheran Church - Salisbury, NC

I was thoroughly impressed by using Organ Lutheran Church as a photography venue because I had never stopped to appreciate all of the architecture and posing opportunities that it had to offer. I made the trip to the venue with Denise and her daughter Mackenzie, who was the lucky tween getting to do the cool photo shoot. It was Denise's idea to try Organ Lutheran Church as the venue, and I wasn't sure because I had never been there. But, I kept my mind open because the key to good photography is being able to make any place the perfect photography venue.

Organ Lutheran Church has a new church building and the old church that sits in the middle of the cemetery. For a church you would think that this place doesn't have the pizzazz that other non-church location may have, but you're definitely wrong. First, I want to show you the best parts about shooting at the old church site, and then prove that you can get the same great photos at the new church building.

For those of you that don't know why I'm referring to the old church site better, well that's because the old church was made out of beautiful stone and has and Old World feel to it.

Old Organ Church

Mackenzie was absolutely wonderful! She patiently walked with me around and tried out different locations around the old church. We used everything from the stone walls, doorways, windows, outbuildings, and even ventured for a few non-morbid shots in the cemetery. You'll just have to see the photos to get my excitement:

Old church entrance

Behind the church until the covered patio

Beautiful stone wall

Cement path leading to the old church through the cemetery

Looking in the old church window

Taken in the cemetary

Cemetery wall

Now, I promised to show you that you can get the same results with the newer construction church. You just have to be a little more creative when it comes to these photos because you don't have the ornate structure to work with. Plus, these types of photos can be taken at any church.

New Organ Church building

New church entrance

Tree planted at the new church

The gray and white cement/stone backdrop

Organ Church has a variety of different styles and looks for the photographer and the client. You've just got to be willing to walk through the venue prior to the shoot to find them or have a willing client walk with you so you can test them in those areas. Like I mentioned above, I was extremely pleased with how this location turned out, and I would definitely suggest that you check it out. Be sure to first check with the church schedule so that you are not there shooting while they are holding service or an event. No need to get in their way or have them get in yours.

Old church cemetery wall meets new church

Organ Lutheran Church
1515 Organ Church Rd
Salisbury, NC 28146

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