Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Take Lots of Photos

It is too often that families are grief stricken by the loss of someone they love. It's always easier to look back after you've said your final farewells and wish that you would have had more memories, more photographs, and simply just more time with your loved one. I've been there quite a few times, and just tonight, a part of my family is grieving because of an unexpected loss.

Photographs are never a nuisance, but always a wonderful reminder of those around you. Unexpected deaths can leave you empty and full of regret. Have fond memories through photographs to look back on.

Snap photographs at family functions. Take this opportunity to capture your loved one in candid moments of laughter and conversation. Impromptu photos are usually the best.

Yes, also take the time to try to group people together for portraits when you've got the family together. This happens on holidays usually, which gives these photographs more importance. Rare occasions like these need to be documented.

Do not take the time you have with people for granted. Take photos -- take LOTS of photos. Good, bad, or otherwise you do not have to be a great photograph to document a moment in time. These photographs are not about great composition or balance, they are about being able to look back in a time of grief and smile.

With photographs you'll never have to fear forgetting because you'll always have something tangible to remind you of your loved one.

Because of the personal influence on the creation of this post, I would like to remind all readers to take the time to look for and see motorcycles when they are driving on the road. It only takes a one second of negligence to end a motorcyclist's life.

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  1. I always take lots of pics of my family and friends. You never know what is going to happen, so it is good to have the memories