Monday, April 11, 2011

Importance of Photography Training

Photography can be something that you pick up on naturally, but it is always refreshing to learn different techniques and styles of photography in a formal setting. This setting can be a photography class, workshop, or some kind of one-on-one training with a photography.

Jess Jordan is currently enrolled in the Digital Photography class at her college. I took the time to ask Jess a few questions about her experience:

M: Tell me a little about your experience in your photography class?

J: The class has been really awesome. It taught me techniques that I did not know before like the importance of exposure by adjusting film speed, aperture, and shutter speed.

M: Would you recommend that amateur photographers take a photography class?

J: Yes, because the technical aspects are not usually known by amateurs (including me) and can be hard to understand if you try to research them on your own. Plus, your photos can be better quality if you understand how to work the specs on your camera.

M: Do you think you've become a better photographer because of the class?

J: Most definitely!

M: What other advice do you have for other photographers?

J: Don't be afraid to be creative and to think outside of the box. Not everyone will love and appreciate your style of photography, but as long as it works for you that is all that matters.

M: Thank you Jess for your time today

J: Thank you!

Guest interview of Jess Jordan
Interviewer: Melanie Mishue

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  1. I found this Q&A will Jess Jordan very informative. I have thought about taking a class on photography and was on the fence but now I think I might give it a go.