Saturday, February 5, 2011


First and foremost, thank you for taking the time to view my blog. My intentions are to share photography venues, tips, and to grow as a photographer with you.

My venues will be located mostly in the surrounding area of Rowan County, NC. However, there are some special locations that I can share with you that are further away. I plan to do a little traveling in order to scope out more places, and I hope to one day have found multiple places around the map to share with you here.

For those of you who are unable to travel to the photography venues that I list, I will gladly post from time to time tips on how to find the perfect places to take photos in your area. Also, I will be sharing with you photography how-tos and tips to improve your skills. We'll be learning together because photography is a skill that is forever evolving.

My blog is a great place for those looking for a great place for senior pictures, prom pictures, graduation pictures, family reunion photographs, etc. Amazing backgrounds and locations for your own photographs is half the battle. I'm here to make sure you're able to take the great photographs on your own that you deserve.

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