Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Baker's Creek Park

Recently, I had the opportunity to take some portrait shots of a very good friend for a class project. She had the idea of taking the shots at Baker's Creek Park in Kannapolis, NC. I always give every venue a chance, and I was blown away by the photos opportunities that this park had to offer.

They have a playground for children, putt-putt course, baseball field, tennis court, basketball court, volleyball court, picnic areas, lots of trees, a creek, tunnels, and walking trails. All of these places have plenty of opportunities to get creative.

The trees provide the perfect backdrop to add character for any portrait without being too distracting.

I mentioned that the park has a creek, hence the name. Depending on the amount of rain the area gets, the creek is either shallow or completely full. For the best results, look at taking photos when the creek is shallow. The large, shelf-like rocks are the perfect place to have someone sit for photographs. There is actually an area with a small waterfall that is perfect.

Also, all around the creek are additional rocks that can be used as props or sitting areas for your photos.

Finally, I was elated to find this spot at the park. Water flows into the creeks through man-made tunnels. Although extremely exciting to tackle and be adventurous in there are a few things that I want to remind everyone of:

1) Always wear your get-wet shoes when out shooting.

I wore Sperry Topsider shoes on this outing and managed to fully submerge them both in the creek water and sand. Even though they can get wet, it wasn't fun walking around the rest of the time in soaked shoes. I suggest some type of rainboot to fend off water.

2) Carry a first-aid kit with you at all times.

Being adventurous and climbing into the tunnels was fun, but it was also dangerous. I slipped and cut one of my fingers on the jagged contents of the tunnel walls. Having anti-bacterial sanitizer helps to prevent infections in sanitation-questionable areas.

The tunnels proved to be worth it after all of the hassle. I was able to get some great photos and it provided a scene that was fresh and new. The end product was wonderful.

Whether you take advantage of the dark tunnel for lighting purposes (like above) or for the texture (below), you can really get some great shots.

Baker's Creek Park is a wonderful place to enjoy the sunshine and snap some photos.

Be sure to check out this venue:

Baker's Creek Park
1275 W A St, Kannapolis, NC 28081


  1. I don't know much (or anything, really) about photography, but your blog caught my interest. The pictures you have up so far look very good.

  2. it doesnt hurt to have a awesome looking pink ninja as a subject.. :)