Sunday, December 18, 2011

Cheap Canon Rebel XS Digital Camera at No More Rack

You need to hurry over to No More Rack to sign up for an account today. No More Rack releases nine new daily deals each day. You'll find great products for high percentages off of the retail value. Plus, they normally offer one free item each day. For every item you purchase, you only have to pay $2 for shipping for each item. That's a SUPER DEAL in most cases.


No More Rack is offering Insanity Deals for items like the Canon Rebel XS DSLR camera.

As you can see you can get a Canon Rebel XS DSLR camera for only $19.77 a savings of 95%! This would be amazing if you could catch the camera Insanity Deal when it pops up. Insanity Deals pop-up unannounced throughout the day and can be a wide variety of products. No More Rack only offers a few of each item per appearance so you have to be quick to place you order before they are sold out. MAKE SURE YOU ARE SIGNED IN TO YOUR NEW ACCOUNT PRIOR TO TRYING TO MAKE THE PURCHASE.

Here's some things straight from No More Rack that you need to know about their Insanity Deals:

* 1,000 deals going live at different times throughout the month
* Products you're crazy for at completely absurd prices
* Discounts always 80-95% off the regular retail price
* Limited quantities that get snapped up faster than a crocodile's dinner

Insanity Deals show up in place of regular deals in a purple box and disappear when they're sold out. Check back regularly to see if you can bag yourself a mind-boggling bargain.

You can't only get the Canon Rebel XS for an amazing price. No More Rack offers other amazing products for pennies compared to the retail price.

- Apple iPad - $43.20
- Apple iPhone 4S - $51.12
- Kindle Fire - $17.91
- Sony Bravia 52" HDTV - $59.96
- Playstation 3 - $26.54
- Samsung Galaxy Tablet - $17.82
- Nikon Coolpix Digital Camera - $6.82

*These items are subject to change once supplies are sold out.

I highly suggest that you don't hesitate to make your new account with No More Rack right now and take advantage of the daily deals and the chance to purchase one of the Insanity Deals.


  1. did you get the camera yourself??! oh my what an awesome deal. probably almost impossible to get one esp if they come up unannounced and few in stock? gosh, i'd love to own a dslr....but what an impossible dream. LOL

  2. Sorry! I have been on hiatus for the holidays. No, I didn't get the camera myself mostly because I already have one just like it and because of the unannounced appearances. I did see them available a few times, but just didn't decide to try to get one. It's not an impossible dream to get a DSLR. I suggest looking for sales and contemplating finding a credit line at a local store to make minimum payments with 0% interest for so many months. As long as you can get the balance paid off in the months allotted for 0% interest then you are getting the camera with small payments at a time. I got my camera for 18 months 0% interest, and I only had to pay $25 per month as a minimum. I paid a little more to get it paid off in the allotted time. Credit's not for everyone, but it can help if used responsibly. Hope that helps!