Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Riverside, Jacksonville, FL

As an extension of my previous Jacksonville experience, I chose to include a different type of photo shoot that I was lucky enough to capture.

Fellow conference attendee Katie Zink decided that she wanted to get a tattoo, while in Jacksonville. After much deliberation on the best way to find a tattoo parlor, we decided to find the closest place and walk there. Lucky us, the closest place was two miles and apparently over the river. After we made it over the river, the trip seemed to be more than two miles for a tattoo parlor Caribbean Connection.

Riverside had more of a historical feel than the Jacksonville Landing. We were surrounded by greenery, historic homes, and quaint shops.

Finally, we made it to the shopping strip that included the tattoo parlor. Hot, sweating, and extremely tired we finally made it only to find that the tattoo parlor was no longer in business.

We were extremely lucky that the 8th Day Tattoo had opened just across the street. Katie was able to go in and explain what she wanted and get a price quote.

Travis, her tattooist, immediately began prepping her for her first tattoo. He was extremely thorough, and I would recommend him to anyone in Jacksonville, FL. Photographs of Travis and Katie were a different take on portraits. They were not posed, but moments captured in time. Sometimes the best photographs are those that are not planned, but having the photographer in the right place at the right time.

More action-oriented photographs give the subjects and the scene a more realistic feel. I would suggest that anyone who wishes to get into photography not to limit themselves to only one style. Strengthen the one that you do best, but do not rule out the other.

Riversidewas a wonderful place to grab some interesting photographs.

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